What other factors trigger positive results in the breathalyzer if you drink alcohol

Generally during checks on alcohol, police used devices with technology infrared spectroscopy. But these devices can detect any molecule basis methyl, not only ethanol; It is for this reason that the results are distorted, even when the person is sober. Therefore, the breathalyzer can be unreliable when detect blood alcohol levels.

Type’s factors

Some of the elements that can affect the results of the breathalyzer are cough syrup, cold medications, mouthwash, mouth spray, lip balms or bread products; some of the chemicals trigger positive results include lacquers, paint removers, celluloid, gasoline and cleaning fluids as ether, alcohol and other volatile components. Other factors include smoking, diabetes without treatment, diets or fasting, chemical vapor inhalation and exposure to gases or dry cleaners. In addition, metered dose inhalers used by asthmatics can also trigger false positive results in the breathalyzer. Even the breath can change the results because between 70 and 80 percent of the chemicals found in the breath containing methyl.


Any of these factors or a combination of factors or products can trigger positive test result for alcohol, even to levels that exceed the legal limit. As a result, you must go to court on the charge of driving under the influence of substances (DUI stands for) or you will be arrested. Right now you have to prove that breathalyzer results were wrong.